Friday, 10 June 2011

Cannot Install Antivirus - Error message- Computer could not be contacted - Windows7

  1. Disable Simple File Sharing (if the client computer is Windows XP).
  2. Re-run the protect computers wizard, ensuring that you use a domain administrator account, as described in the 'Protect Computers' section of the Startup Guide.
  3. If protection still fails, go to Windows services and ensure that the following services are running: (It solved my problem)
    • Computer Browser
    • Remote Registry
    • Server
    • Task Scheduler
    • Workstation
    • Windows Installer
  4. Re-run the protect computers wizard.
  5. If protection continues to fail, do the following:
    • To check that access is not being blocked by a firewall (either hardware or software), ensure you are able to browse to the client's C$ share:
      • Go to Start|Run and type in \\<clientname>\c$ (where <clientname> is the name of the computer experiencing the problem)
      • Press Enter.
    • Ensure that 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' is enabled in the 'Local Area Connection properties' for the adapter that the computer is using to connect to the network:
      • From Windows Control Panel, go to 'Network and Dial-up connections'.
      • Right-click the 'Local Area Connections' icon, select 'Properties', click the 'General' tab.
      • In the box that lists components/items used for the connection, ensure that 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' is selected.

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