Thursday, 23 May 2013

Windows 7: Printer - Delete the printer driver Manually

Windows XP

  1. Delete the printers before you remove the drivers
    • Start-->Device & Printers-->Delete the printer then on the folder 
  2. Remove the drivers:
    • On Device & Printers folder Click File Menu -->Server Properties-->Drivers tab. Now select the drivers you want to uninstall and click Remove button.

Windows 7

  1. Open Print Management. Print Management is available in Windows 7 like windows server 2008. 
    • Start-->Administrative Tools-->Print Management-->
  2. Remove the Drivers.
    1. In the Print Management, browse to Print Servers-->Drivers
    2. Select the drivers-->Right click-->Remove the driver package.
Windows 7 Command Line
  1. Open command prompt in alleviated mode
  2. type command: printui /s /t2