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Key Skills Exams – The Process

Key Skills Exams – The Process


1.            Register students on exam base website (www.exambase.org.uk)
2.            Set up exam on exam base website (which exam, date and session)
3.            Register students onto the exam

MFL – In advance of exam (at least the day before)

4.            Log into exam base server (password in user guide)
5.            Download candidates (see user guide)
6.            Download exam
7.            Schedule exam (check start & end times – max window 3.5 hours)
8.            Screen print window into MS Word
9.            Add exam details to document (Date, Period, Room)
10.         Print 4 copies to MS10 printer (DRH, RDE, MFL x 2)
11.         Use right corner cross to close server software (not really closed)
12.         Distribute printouts

MFL – 5 minutes before exam starts

13.         Be in exam room
14.         Log PCs on as 0000 (enough for number of candidates, plus 2 spares) Try to space candidates out.  Use every other PC if possible.
15.         Load Exambase client on each PC
16.         When student arrive, direct them to every other PC first.  Once every other PC is in use, use others.
17.         Give copy of exam codes sheet to invigilator
18.         Both go round class, giving the candidate code to each student
19.         Get all students present to the same point, where they are ready to enter the key code
20.         Read the key code out loud to the class – they can start!
21.         Ask invigilator to complete seating plan – PC numbers next to names

MFL - Technical problems for individuals

22.         Use Ctl+Alt Combination to exit an exam in the middle – no answers will be lost
23.         Move student to a different PC (Should be already logged in)
24.         Give them their candidate code and key code again to continue exam

MFL – Ending the exam

25.         Students are entitled to the full hour, but are free to leave as soon as they finish
26.         Once all candidates have finished, ensure all machines are logged out.  Some may still be on the Exambase client login screen, so use the Ctl+Alt combination to exit.  Then log out.
27.         Lock the classroom if no teacher is present.

MFL – After the exam

28.         Take the seating plan (register) to the Exambase server.
29.         Maximise the server software (right click the icon in the system tray and choose ‘Show’.
30.         Click on the exam just taken.
31.         Ensure the exam status column says ‘Exam Complete’ for all the students who were present.  Do not move on if not.
32.         If the two lists match, click on ‘Upload Results’ to send the results to Edexcel.
33.         Use right corner cross to close server software (not really closed)

MFL – Getting results

34.         Login to the Exambase website (www.exambase.org.uk)
35.         Go to ‘Reports menu’.
36.         Go to ‘Feedback of results by exam’.
37.         Choose the correct exam from the list.
38.         Change the page setup to landscape.
39.         Print 3 copies to MS10 (1x subject teacher, 1 x DRH, 1 x MFL for folder).
40.         Distribute results to subject teacher & DRH.

RDE 8/3/2005

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